ipad study signMy campus is part of a school wide iPad deployment for all staff and students.  We have been documenting our iPad project over the last four years at www.eaneswifi.blogspot.com!

Some iPad resources to get you started:
Curated List.ly — bloggers who are sharing 1:1 iPad experience

IEAR.org (clearinghouse of ipad app reviews)

Teach with Your iPad

Curated list Apps for the World Languages classroom

Ipads promise and how to use it

5 Innovative iPad Apps –great examples

Ipad for administrators database/articles


iPad pilot project for Palm Beach County

Ipad forum — questions/answers about iPads in education

Ipads and highlighting ebooks with Kindle software

iPad apps for admin and others

iPad trial in Chicago Public Schools

iPads as digital college textbooks (Newsweek article)

iPads are for creating, not just consuming

iPads in libraries

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