Shirky book discussion

In one of the most enjoyable sessions at EdubloggerCon, we had an interesting book discussion about Clay Shirky’s book Here Comes Everybody. I’m only on chapter one, but still found the discussion of how we face what is coming and what will happen to schools fascinating. Wish we’d had time to go even deeper into it–this could have been a whole day discussion, really–and so many interesting perspectives we had there. As we talked, I was thinking about the whole concept of how we think […]

Remixing for Library 2.5 session

How are library services changing?     I’m really excited to be on a panel of oustanding librarians at NECC on “remixing” tools and strategies for a 21st century learning environment, as Cathy Nelson mentioned on her blog as well. Joining us will be Joyce Valenza,  Anita Beaman, Judy O’Connell, Diane Cordell, and Kim Cofino(remotely) to talk about remixing roles and how librarians truly can function as change agents in their schools. The session is not just for librarians, either!  For a collaborative partnership to work well,  […]

NECC — some “hot” tips

NECC is fast approaching! If you haven’t registered, you still actually have until June 18!   And if you have registered but aren’t from “around here” I thought I’d share a few tips! It’s likely to be hot.  We’ve been having an unusually hot June and so far, it shows no signs of breaking.  Of course, the Riverwalk area is somewhat cooler, and there’s quite a bit of shade all along the way, and Texans do believe in air conditioning! So the trick is, dress for […]