Reflections and Recollections: ISTE 2012

Can any school create a common core for Lady Gaga?  (Yong Zhao) Curriculum should develop the personal strength of students.  It’s not about fixing deficits.  (Yong Zhao) Less us, more them.  (Gary Stager) Learn first, teach second.  (Will Richardson) What IF?  (David Jakes) What do we need to unlearn?  (Will Richardson) “Don’t Deliver Curriculum.  DISCOVER it.”  (Will Richardson) “Most of us work in schools that have had computers for 30 years and yet we are still cajoling teachers to use them.”  (Gary Stager) “Why should I […]

So, what can we do?

In the last few days I’ve been following the simmering discussions that spun off of work by Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson, eminent librarians and leaders in our field, about the issue of 21st century librarians and what responsibility we all have to embrace new technologies. It’s been fascinating reading the excellent blog discussions that have ensued, and reading subsequent blog posts by Joyce, Buffy Hamilton and Doug Johnson, among others. But still what resonates most with me is Doug Johnson’s question–“How can we give […]

Finding daisies in the pasture

In his inimitable style, Doug Johnson posed a research question that I’m pondering this evening– “Is requiring print resources a sacred cow that needs to be put out to pasture?” My initial response(from his site) was that: “I have very mixed feelings about this. It feels somewhat artificial sometimes to say “one print source” but on the other hand, I have seen students go from one print source to using ten, and being engrossed in their subject and it really enticing them in. And we […]