31 day comment challenge reflections

How are our online conversations part of our own learning? I’ve been loosely participating in the 31 Day Comment Challenge, (which is an effort to focus on improving blog comments through various activities.)   It’s been a little bit of a learning curve for me to figure out how to use coComment, which is the tool we are using, but by joining the 31 day challenge group, and then backtracking to blog post’s other participants have been commenting on, I’ve discovered a number of bloggers I had never […]

Empowering ourselves to empower our students

In a passionate post about school change, Chris Lehmann pondered a speech he gave in Oregon yesterday: “I want to tell them that we have to question every single system we have in our schools. I want to tell them that everything should be on the table. All of it.” A number of us watched his presentation via Ustream yesterday and in the chat room there was quite a bit of discussion about how to focus more on the process of learning and less on […]