Anne Lamott and inspiration

As I continue reading Bird by Bird, I continue to be amazed by how much Anne Lamott’s advice about writing applies to well both to working with teachers and to living our lives in general. She talks at length about breaking things into “short assignments.”  How often we get discouraged trying to bite off everything at once–whether it’s teaching someone, learning a new skill ourselves, or making a change in a paradigm.  She even keeps a small frame on her desk to remind her to […]

“Bird by bird”

Sometimes as a librarian (or technology teacher) it’s easy to get discouraged. Despite how much outreach you do or how good you are, you wonder if teachers really need you or realize that they can call on your support and services? They are so used to working independently and doing things themselves. How do you bring teachers into the program or get them to collaborate in their planning process? Or get them to utilize the richness that is there in a library or with the […]