New Year’s reflections–on tending our own gardens

“Transformation is a process, not an event.” – John P. Kotter, author of Leading Change “To be leader, start with yourself.”  Jacob Morgan, INC Magazine In a recent article in INC, Morgan cites Harry Kraemer, who suggests that part of being a leader is attempting to lead yourself.  He suggests four strategies for that:  self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility.  For several years, I’ve both enjoyed offering leadership but also struggled with issues on a day to day basis — issues that I suddenly […]

Librarians as Leaders

In a recent article on librarians as leaders which I wrote for TCEA’s Tech Edge magazine, I was puzzling over the issues related to librarians as leaders in schools, particularly their role as technology leaders and how they can ideally work as part of a team with the school technology staff. The skills demanded of librarians for the last decade, particularly, overlap and complement the skills of instructional technologists, but developing a relationship of mutual respect is sometimes a challenge.   I sometimes find myself frustrated […]

Solar, wind, or electric: Harnessing the energy

This morning and yesterday morning both I had the honor of attending the Flat Classroom Conference in Qatar and the Educon 2.1 conference in Philadelphia, both remotely.   What was funny was that I felt such a sense of community in the chat rooms talking to students and to other wired educators, sometimes more of a sense of community than I feel where I work, even though we were half a world apart, and many of us had never met in person.   The sense of community […]