Do we care what they say?

Funny the little moments of serendipity that lead from one thought to one another, and lead us to see something in a new light. This morning, someone on Twitter reminded me of a blog post I wrote a long time ago, “How Long Does it Have to be?” about how students focused on the length of their research papers because they aren’t really engaged in their topics. As I was thinking about that, Christian Long twittered out the link to a fabulous post by Chris […]

Finding daisies in the pasture

In his inimitable style, Doug Johnson posed a research question that I’m pondering this evening– “Is requiring print resources a sacred cow that needs to be put out to pasture?” My initial response(from his site) was that: “I have very mixed feelings about this. It feels somewhat artificial sometimes to say “one print source” but on the other hand, I have seen students go from one print source to using ten, and being engrossed in their subject and it really enticing them in. And we […]