Five tips for starting an iPad pilot

Recently, David Jakes asked me to Google Hangout with a group of his teachers and librarians preparing for a 1:1 pilot. He asked me to share five tips for starting a pilot , so I thought I’d expand upon these “lessons learned” here. After 1 1/2 years of 1:1 iPads on our campus, these are some things I”ve learned that seem integral to our success. 1. Try to create a collaborative environment and encourage a spirit of experimentation. One of the best things about our […]

To follow the story…

I’ve started a new blog for our iPad 1:1 Pilot so that we can chronicle in more detail how the project is going.  I’ll be posting here as well, but the blog will cover it from the district’s perspective and give more technical details as well. So follow along at EanesWifi for more information!  

iPad Week Two: Going paperless collaboratively?

In week two of our iPad pilot, the power (and efficiency) of having a more paperless learning environment is becoming abundantly evident. Students and teachers both are exploring ways to interact paperlessly, using apps and a little ingenuity to do so.  And the fact that the iPad is portable enough to be with the students and staff everywhere means an unprecedented amount of access to the information they need.   And while the point of this pilot is not to develop a paperless environment, it is […]

Collaborating with iPads in the classroom

Our campus has been studying the use of iPads in both library and classroom settings this fall. The latest part of our iPad pilot concerned using the iPad in classroom settings.  We have a set of five iPads for classroom use, so it really requires thought on the teacher’s part in thinking about how the tool fits into their curriculum and how to make it work from a practical level. One teacher found the use of pathfinders successful.   Since the iPad allows you to set […]