Internet @ Schools sessions–Day Two afternoon

The sessions this afternoon include: Common Core Assignment–“Meet the Candidates”  Karen Kliegman Connected Life and the Library–Diane Cordell Common Core — Meet the Candidates  Library “buzzwords” fill the common core requirements and standards: “collaboration” “skills for formal presentations” “integrate information from variety of sources” “use media and visual displays,” etc. Common Core is like a special “backstage” pass for librarians as teachers struggle to meet the standards–“they validate our importance in the school culture.”  Karen Kliegman Jaeger litmus test:(March/April Library Media Connections?) Are you asking […]

Nonfiction 2.0 and Learning 2.0 — Internet @ Schools sessions

(This post combines notes on two sessions from Internet @ Schools: Nonfiction 2.0 and Common Core, and Learning 2.0 and 23 Things in Schools.) Nonfiction 2.0 Marc Aronson, Rutgers Melissa Jacobs-Israel, NYC Dept of Educ Mary Fran Daley, Lehigh Univ. Doctoral Program  Google Maps allowed author(Lee Berger) of The Skull in the Rock to “see” terrain differently. We read to actively explore not passively absorb.  Knowledge is IN-formation. Bats, Furry Fliers of the Night e-book example.   How does an app or e-book extend learning […]

Using iPads and Apps in the School Library – Internet @ Schools

Ipad apps in the School Library:   Mary Catherine Coleman;  Librarian, St. Stephens and St. Agnes School; Alexandria, VA School has cart of 18 iPads in library and mobile carts elsewhere in building.  Each student assigned the same iPad everytime they are in the library. Popplet–graphic organizing app (this is one we use at my school as well).  Creates bubbles where you can put in brainstorming.   Coleman created a lesson around research unit.  Students given five questions to answer about their research and then […]

Flipping your library: Internet @ Schools

To Flip or Not to Flip, That Is the Dilemma! Kari Arfstrom, Executive Director, Flipped Learning Network Pat Semple, Upper School Librarian & Academic Center Media Specialist, Bullis School Prime question is– What is the best use of your class time?  Practice, discussion, guided practice, assessment? The media portrayal of the flipped classroom needs debunking.  Need to move the discussion to a deeper pedagogical discussion.   Like VCR’s allowed us to timeshift our television viewing, this allows students to time shift learning. Flipped learning is […]

Anatomy of an iPad implementation

One-to-one technology implementations often receive bad press in the media.  So it’s been fascinating to be part of a 1:1 iPad implementation at my own school and observe and participate in the process first hand and see the impacts. My recent article in Internet @ Schools summarizes some of my observations.  But I will add that what has transformed is how we work — how students work and learn, how teachers work and learn.   And I do think there is something different about using a […]