NECC — some “hot” tips

NECC is fast approaching!

If you haven’t registered, you still actually have until June 18!   And if you have registered but aren’t from “around here” I thought I’d share a few tips!

It’s likely to be hot.  We’ve been having an unusually hot June and so far, it shows no signs of breaking.  Of course, the Riverwalk area is somewhat cooler, and there’s quite a bit of shade all along the way, and Texans do believe in air conditioning!

So the trick is, dress for really hot weather, but have some sort of jacket/sweater or something for the “indoor weather” as the convention center is always freezing.  (It is also HUGE).

If you are a new attendee, you may not realize there is a wiki set up to give you the scoop on what is going on “in between” events in some of the lounges and cafe areas.

And there is also a NING site set up where you can already start chatting with people who’ll be there.

I created a NECC San Antonio travel wiki last summer, and if you haven’t checked it out, I’ve put some tips as to dining and fun things to do.  There’s also a page to sign up if you are an attendee who is on Twitter and want to share your info!

Hands down–one of my favorite things to do is to have a frosty mug of root beer at Schilo’s–a place locals know up off the river just above Casa Rio restaurant.   And my other favorite thing is the lovely McNay Art Institute, which is a short drive from downtown, but it’s a beautiful museum built in a Mediterranean style home and they have just opened a new addition.

And if you are from Texas and haven’t decided yet, you have a few more days (and if you are a member of TCEA, there is a discount for attending!)

See you in San Antonio!

3 thoughts on “NECC — some “hot” tips

  1. Hi Caroline
    Thanks for the tips and the information about NECC on the wiki. The transportation link on the wiki is broken and it was something that I was interested in exploring. I especially appreciate the tip about the temp in the convention center. See you in SanAntonio.

  2. Thank you for the tip about the wiki. I’d read about it months ago and then forgotten it. Sad I missed so many good things today, but glad that there is another great line up in the blogger cafe tomorrow.

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