What is our call to action?

It’s National Library Month and a great moment to celebrate libraries and how they’ve endured this COVID year and found ways to support our students and teachers!  There are many Twitter hashtags where librarians are sharing stories about their libraries like #TXAsl and #AASL.  But in a recent session(Digital Library Tools) at the Computers in Libraries Conference, Patrick Sweeney from EveryLibrary reminded participants that every celebration of libraries also needs an “ask.”  What do we want people to do if they believe in libraries when […]

Internet @ Schools sessions–Day Two afternoon

The sessions this afternoon include: Common Core Assignment–“Meet the Candidates”  Karen Kliegman Connected Life and the Library–Diane Cordell Common Core — Meet the Candidates  Library “buzzwords” fill the common core requirements and standards: “collaboration” “skills for formal presentations” “integrate information from variety of sources” “use media and visual displays,” etc. Common Core is like a special “backstage” pass for librarians as teachers struggle to meet the standards–“they validate our importance in the school culture.”  Karen Kliegman Jaeger litmus test:(March/April Library Media Connections?) Are you asking […]