Where is the media?

I just returned from the ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education) annual conference — an international gathering of over 15,000 educators and leaders and representing more than 100,000 ISTE members who are highly involved in using technology in their schools. Many of the “best of the best” practitioners of instruction are there sharing with their colleagues, having serious conversations about issues in education. And yet where was the media? When I run a Google search for ISTE 2012 and the New York Times, the only stories […]

Reflections and Recollections: ISTE 2012

Can any school create a common core for Lady Gaga?  (Yong Zhao) Curriculum should develop the personal strength of students.  It’s not about fixing deficits.  (Yong Zhao) Less us, more them.  (Gary Stager) Learn first, teach second.  (Will Richardson) What IF?  (David Jakes) What do we need to unlearn?  (Will Richardson) “Don’t Deliver Curriculum.  DISCOVER it.”  (Will Richardson) “Most of us work in schools that have had computers for 30 years and yet we are still cajoling teachers to use them.”  (Gary Stager) “Why should I […]