Flipping your library: Internet @ Schools

To Flip or Not to Flip, That Is the Dilemma! Kari Arfstrom, Executive Director, Flipped Learning Network Pat Semple, Upper School Librarian & Academic Center Media Specialist, Bullis School Prime question is– What is the best use of your class time?  Practice, discussion, guided practice, assessment? The media portrayal of the flipped classroom needs debunking.  Need to move the discussion to a deeper pedagogical discussion.   Like VCR’s allowed us to timeshift our television viewing, this allows students to time shift learning. Flipped learning is […]

Flip, Blend, Connect: A SXSW Edu Conversation

There’s a lot of buzz about flipped learning, blended classrooms and online learning–technology allows us to engage students with information in many new ways.  But is it really more effective (or as effective) as face-to-face instruction, and how can we just not replicate traditional classroom methods at home(like lecture), and turn it into something more transformative in terms of student learning? This was the subject of a core conversation that Stephanie Sandifer and I led at SXSWEdu last week, (Flip, Blend, Connect) attempting to address: […]