Supporting a Future Ready Librarian

In my previous post, I suggested a number of ways administrators can support and build a Future Ready library.  Check out the U.S. Office of EdTech Future Ready site for a full look at areas where Future Ready Librarians can lead, as well as their “Fact Sheet.” And here’s a little infographic summarizing  my previous blog post about ways that administrators can help!

Unleashing the power: Future Ready Libraries

This bold question is at the center of the Office of EdTech’s new Future Ready Librarians plan. With the backing of Follett’s librarian centered Project Connect, this initiative defines the role of librarians in leading and leveraging school change. Imagine at the center of your school, supporting your vision as an administrator, a powerful, knowledgeable and connected ally who can help accelerate change. Librarians can lead change Librarians are too often pigeonholed in the school change movement, either by themselves, or by school leaders who don’t realize the powerful role they play […]