Creative approaches to book promotion

Finding creative ways to blend a physical library collection, an e-book collection, and online tools can improve students’ access to reading. At Internet Librarian 2012, Susan Geiger, Jessica Simons, and Anne Arriaga, Librarians at Moreau Catholic High School shared a plethora of ideas for promoting the library collections in their presentation at Internet Librarian–mixing online and offline tools. Their session reminded me, as did others at Internet Librarian, how much we are embracing commerce 3.0–as we use both physical and virtual attributes of the library […]

Retail, technology and digital libraries: Internet Librarian 2012

Two presentations today: Retail and Technology trends in Service Adam Eisholz, Brittany Austin, Laura ten Pas and Elisa Polglaze, Librarians- Fashion Institute of Design) Consumer is changing.  Customers taking their devices with them, comparing prices (showrooming).   Harvard Business Review described the consumer decision journey  like a funnel–from many brands to fewer to final choice.  Now the consumer journey looks like a galaxy, with a consideration and evaluation stage–where they may find out about new brands, get word of mouth, read online reviews, researcy customer […]