I just attended a session on videoblogging and podcasting.   Although it’s easy enough to figure out what video blogging is, I hadn’t really thought about it that much.

David King(of Topeka and Shawnee County Library) who has a website, showed some examples of video blogs that woke me up to the kinds of creative projects our students could do(and are already doing, but not all in a school environment!).  This has so many applications for the classroom, as does podcasting.

I have more details about how to get started that I will share later, but to look at some clever videoblogs, check out this clever one he did about sidewalk art in Kansas City

(You may have to scroll up a little to see the picture of his face–click on it for the video)

Anyway, I’m sure all of us can imagine the creative content our students could come up with in a video (or just audio as a podcast) format.

It’s interesting having this conference here because the outside is so beautiful and peaceful and inside the conference center there are so many ideas and techie things floating around that it is almost overwhelming.

One thing I like about video blogging is because you can bring the outside in.  If I had a video camera, I’d show you what it looks like here, but instead I”ll bring in a photo.   Imagine it moving and there you have a videoblog.

Big Sur

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  1. I am enjoying reading your blog. I look forward to meeting you on Friday. I think I will have to be there very early, so I will be keeping my eyes open for you!

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