We’re back…

We have returned from our site visits tonight and there is a lot to absorb!

   I was reading a new book, Wikinomics, on the plane, which is about how the new collaborative and connective nature of the web is changing our culture.

To me, that is what the site visits were all about.  We’ve made connections with all kinds of different schools and teachers in another part of the country, and they are connections we can draw on to bring new ideas into our school, and the other schools got ideas from us as well.  We have become resources for one another, and we’ve all broadened our experiences, and I think having a broader perspective helps us envision new possibilities. 

We saw a lot of fascinating ideas and courses, like biotechnology and engineering, digital film(which I’ve mentioned), and combinations of subjects across the curriculum, as well as interesting programs for supporting students.

I’m looking forward to sharing more and seeing what we all can create with all of these ideas! 

2 thoughts on “We’re back…

  1. The concept I have found most interesting is the combining of subjects across the curriculum. The ideas that students can learn while actually DOING instead of sitting and being passive learners surely would exciting to any student. My senior (at another local high school) complained that his Chemistry class was so restricted due to the risks involved. Their experiments ended up being so monitored and limited that all of the fun of discovery was removed. I have a hard time picturing students in the halls with power tools though…(“Texas Chainsaw Massacre” anybody?)

  2. The pictures were great. I couldn’t believe how clean and nice things looked. When were those school built? Perhaps we should send some board members out there to see how modern schools are built and what they look like.

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