365 days?

365daysprojectlibraryman.jpg    Libraryman has begun an interesting project on the Flickr photo-sharing site called 365 days.   He invites librarians to post 365 photographs to Flickr  of their libraries in action during the next year.

I’m actually thinking this would be a great project for a school as well.  What a great way to show what goes on at the campus all year long.  You can pull your flickr photos into your blog and have a running photodocumentary of what happens on campus.  

Even a 24 hour project like Dan Rather’s show would also be fascinating photodocumentary for a high school campus.  Or it might be inspiring for a particular class–you could document 24 hours of Spanish, or 365 days of geography?

I’m considering joining the 365 library days project–especially with our upcoming renovation, it’d be an interesting visual documentation of the planning for it and a great means for communicating visually with our own campus and our community.

What do you think?

photocredit:  http://libraryman.com/blog/

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