In thanks

Since reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver, I’ve been thinking about how we can be more mindful about what we do.  So in honor of Thanksgiving, I’m going to share a few sites that allow us to give something back.   Enjoy.   And thanks for reading.

Plenty Magazine — I just have run across the magazine in the last year, and it is a great source of ideas for environmental living and buying.

Free Rice  — This site that uses vocabulary building exercises to solicit donations of rice has gone viral at my campus, but in case you haven’t discovered it, it’s a fun way to give.

The Miracle Foundation — a local woman from our community traveled to India and was moved by the plight of orphans there, so moved that she started this foundation to help build orphanages for children in India. 

The Nobelity Project — another local resident, Turk Pipkin and his wife and children toured the world, interviewing Nobel Prize winners, and made an excellent film, the Nobelity Project.  If you purchase the film for your school, another dvd is funded for a school that can’t afford it.  The site also links to many other excellent organizations that the Nobel laureates support or run.

MercyCorps Kits — Mercy Corps works to support those in distress and poverty worldwide, and these kits allow you to give a “gift” related to a particular need. — This micro-lending site allows you to support a project by contributing towards a micro-loan for a particular individual of your choice.

This year, I’d especially like to also give thanks for the educators who work tirelessly and with great dedication to teach our children.  And particularly, I’m thankful for the network of educators who share across blogs, and twitter and Ning, helping all of us to become better at what we do.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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