The silent majority is going to speak

Wow. The edublogging universe has just shifted.  The students are joining us.

I am so incredibly thrilled about a new blogging project launched by Clay Burell, a colleague in Seoul, Korea, and a talented group of international students(glad to see a few I already read in there!)   In fact, I am so jazzed about Student 2.0 that I can barely write about it (okay maybe I am a geek, but I love education and that’s what this project is all about!)

Clay has gathered together students from around the world to create a new blog, representing their blogs from around the world, from Hawaii to Vermont to Korea.  The blog will be about student voices in education.  They’re launching it in three days, and have created a video to introduce us to their voices.

They created the video internationally, and one of the bloggers, Sean, even created the soundtrack.  That gives you a sense of what we can expect from these students.

How powerful is this going to be, being able to interact in thoughtful conversations about education with students from around the globe, and what will we be able to bring back to our own schools because of it?   I can’t wait for them to get started.    So add their badge to your site, post their video, and let’s help them get started!

If there was an award to give Clay on the spot, for launching this–I’d be giving it 🙂  Great job to all of you!

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3 thoughts on “The silent majority is going to speak

  1. I can see why you were so excited. If exciting vocal news causes stuttering; what is it called when writing??

    I am excited about the talk about connecting Facebook globally. There are 25 countries using Facebook but we aren’t connected together yet. This will be a huge point of contact for so many!

    I am excited about Student 2.0. I may put the badge on our site today.

  2. I’m excited too, Carolyn. Can’t wait to see classroom blogging by students who don’t need to be begged and prodded to exploit the magic of blogging.

    And really, seriously, all it took was a twitter request for referrals (thanks for yours!), a few email invitations to those referrals, a planning wiki, and a skype conference call. After that, they took it and ran, and left this old dog wishing he could learn their new tricks.

    Can you believe the splash page they coded? That’s all hand-done by them – the page design, the content, the video, the badge – all original.

    It bodes good things to come. Amazing.

    Thanks again. I’m so glad you’re in my network! 🙂

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