Farewell old friend

We’re almost finished moving out of our library.  So I just wanted to say goodbye to a comfortable old friend.  When you’ve been in a library for 17 years, you know it backwards and forwards.  Almost every book on the shelf you were responsible for purchasing.   You know the history of the school, and all the teachers and staff you’ve worked with along the way.   When you look at the library, you don’t just see a library–you see all the students, teachers and librarians who walked through there for 17 years.  You see all the things you hosted–like Dylan Day, and Poetry Cafe, and authors, and teacher breakfasts, and retirement parties.   A library isn’t really about books–it’s  about connections.  It’s about people.

So here’s a few farewell photos from the last day we were open.  Good bye, comfortable old shoe.  It’s time for some new ones!


 move-006.jpg  move-018.jpg move-022.jpg

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