Stretching our gaze outward

Kate left a comment on my blog yesterday about personal  learning networks, and that now all we need to do is show teachers the why.

And sitting here, at Educon 2.0, surrounded by so many other dedicated professionals that I never would have met otherwise, is my reason why.  There are educators and bloggers from around the country here–from Florida to South Carolina to New York to Canada who have gathered here because they are passionate about education and want to share ideas, (and gadgets!) and learn.  It’s astounding what we as educators and librarians and tech professionals have to learn from one another.

And to think that most of us would never have met without these online learning networks that enable us to stretch our gaze farther, and find those who share our interests and passions!   It brings home the power of the network.

Tune into the Ustreams today and tomorrow and join the conversations!

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