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Just some quick tool-sharing since I haven’t done that in awhile–

I’d been looking for a place to upload videos (other than YouTube) or Teachertube(too slow) and a few of my twitter friends suggested Vimeo.com.   I tried it today and found it a handy tool for uploading video.

It’s easy to use, and you can also mark a video “private” so if it was something just for your campus or a limited group of staff you were working with, you could use it internally.   It does this by allowing you to assign a password, and when you send someone the link, they simply enter the password to access the video.

Another new tool I tried out after Randy Rodgers‘ session at TCEA was Scrapblog.com.  It’s an easy site for making an online scrapbook, which can then be published, or again, kept as private.   It has built in themes, transitions, stamps, etc. and can be embedded on another site as well.  And although easy to use, it has quite a few “bells and whistles” for customizing the look of the scrapbook.   Like Voicethread, you can invite others to share if you have made it private.   It’s very easy to manipulate the photos, add icons, etc.   And Scrapblog allows comments if you make your scrapbook public.

Our instructional technology coordinator, Joel Adkins, shared a few other tools with me that he learned about at TCEA, like Zoomit, which is a handy tool for the pc, which allows you to use hotkeys to zoom in on your screen, and Photoscape, which is a downloadable photo editor that appears to be very user friendly.   It’s less complex than Picasa, and has a nice desktop interface that is “Mac-like.”

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  1. Thanks for the post and the “shout out.” Randy is one of our favorite members on the site. Enjoy the site and let us know if you have any feedback.
    Scrapbook Community Manager

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