Can third graders change the world?

“It’s my responsibility to see the change I want. I can’t just sit around and wait for others to change it.”   Meghan G.

The Many Voices of Darfur Project is asking for your students’ comments during the next two days on their blog to raise awareness of genocide in Darfur.  

The project, if you’re not familiar was begun by students in a 3rd grade class in Florida and 8th grade class in Maryland and has been joined by a number of other classes.   (Find resources for students to explore on this issue here. ) 

The comments already on the blog (from third graders through high school students) are already powerful ones, like the ones below.

“We, who wake up every morning with everything, complaining that we have nothing, while they, in Darfur, wake up every morning in constant fear, because that is their life. . . .When we do nothing to help, we are the ones to blame.”  Hillary in Maine

“Spread the awareness, and let people know about the genocide in Darfur. Let people know about all of the starving kids and families and all of the murdered people and all of the black Africans that are living in refugee camps. And all the other comments that kids are leaving on this blog are unbelievable, because so many people care about this project. And so do I.”  Pebbles

What a powerful moment–for a student to realize that student voices CAN change the world.   Please ask your own students to comment and add their voices, and be agents of change themselves.

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