K12 Online Conference

The K12 online conference begins soon(the first event is October 13).

I’m sure most readers of my blog are aware of the conference, but if you are not, it’s an all-online conference.  You attend by watching the presentations that are posted each day during the conference.  And then there are live events, like a chat during the keynote, or a 24 hour global event at the end of the conference.  

The first year I participated, I just stumbled into it, and tinkered around, and found myself in a global chat using Skype for the first time, with someone from Wales and someone from England, and it was a huge thrill.  I think about that day and how it really rocked my world.   And gained tremendous respect for the educators participating.  Who knew I would end up meeting many of them and working in collaboration with them over time?    

So if you are a presenter or organizer reading this, thanks to all of you for providing this wonderful opportunity to build enthusiasm for global online learning.  (and if you are a librarian, one of the previews already posted is on Emerging Technologies and libraries.)



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