Bringing in the soul of the school

Libraries can tap into the “soul” of a school in so many different ways.    Last night, we hosted the Art Department’s annual “Don’t Des(s)ert the Arts” event, which allows our 7 art and photography teachers to display student art in a gallery format and parents and students to gather for an art opening.

Art is displayed on every surface in the library–we take down all of our displays, make all of our shelf space available, and accommodate the teachers however we can.

In return, the library is literally permeated with art.  There’s music, food, awards, and so many proud students and parents who come to see their work as important.  It’s a really powerful event for our student artists.

And all we have to do is throw our doors open and be accommodating.   I think the function of a library as a gathering place is overlooked sometimes.  It can be an inviting gathering place, a positive piece of the educational environment and a campfire for the school.

How do you invite your school into your library?

One thought on “Bringing in the soul of the school

  1. I agree – I offer to host any activity I can in the library. Yes, we’ve got coffee stains on the carpet but who cares – we’re the busiest place in town.

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