Defining a vision

inspire   In their article in School Library Journal, Things That Keep us Up at Night, Joyce Valenza and Doug Johnson have  given us much food for thought.   They are earnestly  concerned about the survival of school librarians and libraries if we don’t evolve to meet the current demands that technological and societal changes regarding information use have wrought on our profession.

One of the most fascinating points they make is that “We have no textbook for what 21st century school library practice looks like.”  And obviously if we have no “textbook” or guide for that, principals, superintendents and other curriculum administrators don’t either.

I’m sure AASL and other professional organizations have been working on gathering this model, conferences like Internet Librarian (Schools)  have also been on the forefront of this mission, and journals like School Library Journal provide a vision. 

But what I’d like to know from you, my readers, is what does a 21st century library or librarian look like to you?  What’s the facility like?  Is there a facility at all?  What does the librarian do?  What skills does he/she have?  What tools does he/she use?  

Share an anecdote, list qualities, point us to some fabulous library webpages–or anything that says 21st century librarian.  I hope whether you are a librarian or not, you will contribute to building this picture.

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