Student panels–Technology and Privacy

Through a partnership with our English teacher, Kristy Robins, I’m facilitating some student panels today and on Monday using Ustream for a livestream of the student panels, and CoveritLive for a backchannel for the students listening to the panels.  We invite listeners/chatters to hear our excellent panelists talk about Facebook, biometric scanning, Social Networking and privacy, Twitter, etc.   The panels are based on the students’ research throughout the spring connected to their study of 1984.   The fact that we are streaming the panels and opening up the CoveritLive to outside guests  has enhanced the professional approach of students to the assignment. 

If you’d like to listen in or watch  the CoveritLive rooms are organized by class period–times below, and the link to the ustream will be posted in the Chat room during each class.  These times are good for today or Monday.

8:30  1st period
9:30 2nd period
11:30 4th period
1:30  6th period
3:30 8th period

Postscript:  Will Richardson has blogged about our project and the use of “live writing”.  What is its place in classrooms and should we be teaching students how to communicate “live?”

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