Edublog awards–Time for some kudos

ebawardlogoThe Edublog Awards are here again!  I know people always say it, but there are so very many excellent blogs to choose from that it makes it difficult (and somewhat arbitrary) to decide.  All I know is that I find the more I know, the more I don’t know.

So to all of you who write about your experiences in education, a sincere thank you for all that you teach me.   And thanks to Edublogs for hosting so many excellent blogs–I know contests can be rather arbitrary things, but I do find this exercise an interesting way to reflect on what I’m personally drawn to and influenced by, and also reading everyone’s nominations is an excellent way to discover new blogs that I am unaware of.  So, thanks Edublogs!

Best individual blog

Remember how it felt the first time someone recognized your blog?  Well, hope the hundredth time feels good too.  Weblogg-ed.  Will Richardson.  Always interesting, thought-provoking and conversational.  And the writing just gets better.

Best individual tweeter

@Wawoodworth and his campaign to get the Old Spice guy to make  video about libraries(he succeeded) and his #andypoll

closely followed by all BBQ related tweets.

Best group blog — Motto “When one library is in trouble ALL libraries are in trouble”–the best grass-roots site for news about library cuts and campaigns to save libraries

Best resource sharing blog — Scott Meech and crew share iPad and iTouch apps and app reviews in a very helpful, community-style blog

Most influential blog post

This was a difficult category.   There have been so many excellent posts lately, many of them reasserting passion for education in the light of some of the latest round of teacher bashing.  But the one that stuck with me the most had to be:

I’m Not Who You Think I Am” Lee Kolbert’s post stands out for its poignancy and honesty

Runners up:
Dear Ms. Winfrey”  Stephanie Sandifer

My Kids Are Illiterate.  Most Likely Yours are Too.”  Will Richardson

This Isn’t an Education Debate”  Chris Lehmann

Best teacher blog

Learning is Messy Brian Crosby   Not only has Brian shared classroom stories, he has effectively shared his passion for education in light of recent education news.

Best librarian / library blog

Buffy Hamilton Unquiet Librarian Buffy has provided real leadership, a blazing passion for librarianship, and a real mission for sharing her work with others.

Best School Administrator blog

Drape’s Takes Darren Draper’s posts are always challenging and thought-provoking and have a sense of being in touch with the classroom teacher’s experiences as we discuss how technology changes things.

Best educational use of video / visual

Diane Cordell’s “Eyes to See” presentation at the TL Virtual Cafe

Best educational wiki
Joyce Valenza’s of course; amazing, rich, the “go-to” wiki

Best educational podcast

Tech Chicks My favorite podcast ()which I recently rediscovered) always makes me laugh and helps me discover new resources

Best educational webinar series
TL Virtual Cafe Webinar series hosted by the inimitable Gwyneth Jones, et. al.

Best educational use of a social networking site

Okay, I admit I’m stealing this idea.  But you know how Time Magazine declared “You” as man of the year?  Well, the best educational use of a social networking site is “You” on Twitter.  The way educators share resources and connect on Twitter is still nothing short of amazing.

Lifetime achievement

Chris Lehmann for an honest, ongoing reflection on Practical Theory.

My own additional three categories:

Most decorated blogDaring  Librarian

Best Assignments–Karl Fisch (the fisch flip) and Diane Laufenberg (SLA government students interviewing voters at the polls)

Best education reading listGary StagerSo You Wanna be a School Reformer?

Best moving back to the classroom and reflecting on it blog Karl Fisch  Fischbowl

Thanks again, Edublogs, for asking!

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