TCEA Area 7 sessions– Apptivities in Subject Areas

Yolanda Barker and Lisa Johnson– Project Based Apptivities for the classroom:

Sharing Quizlet and all it can do beyond the basics. Deck that Lisa created that lists free apps and how they can be used in the classroom:   —  clever idea!   Can use Quizlet as a starter for a lesson and lead to other sources.   Can pull images from Flickr if Flickr not blocked.    Membership to Quizlet allows you to upload your own photos but costs $15.    Students can print their quizlet deck.

Can open in PDF site like Paperport Press or Neu.Annotate, and now you can manipulate the deck or write on it, so students can use it as a study guide.

iProductivity by Content-

Mathtastic iVocabulary — use 3 diff. apps for example so you have 3 different modes for teaching a math lesson
Doodle Buddy
StoryLine for Schools — like a telephone game.  You pass the word along and someone draws a picture of it.  etc.  Pass it around. (cool!)
Type Drawing Free (not free anymore) — creates shapes with words for a concept map of sorts

Using apps in nontraditional ways–for example  My Playhome Lite–for example–  an interactive doll house.  Teacher took screen shots from the Playhome app.  Brought them up in iPen, and then had students creae a math problem based around the screenshot.

UApp visual poet.  Can bring in three different images.  Can add ticker tape at the bottom.  Can use in all sorts of subject areas– In ELA for 3 parts of story, can use for poetry, can use for math concepts, anything with 3 parts.

Snapguide– allows you to create step by step tutorials.  Snapguides can be viewed on the web as well as on the iPad but must be created on the iPad.
Lots of snapguides online that you can borrow that are already created.   “How to procrastinate in 22 steps” an example of a clever student Snapguide.

Videolicious– can take pictures and narrate over the pictures.  Power of storytelling could be used in this app.  Shared example of how Spanish students used Videolicious to bring in images of murals in town and then narrate over them in Spanish for 50 seconds.

Jeopardy Labs — a website where you can create your own Jeopardy boards and it works on the iPad.  Bingo Baker is another one as well.  I think she is using it in combination with Quizlet but her blog explains it more.

Mad Lips app-  Simple app but you can superimpose your lips over a picture and speak.  (15 second clips)– Students in Spanish 1 class used it to practice their short verbal sentences to prepare for oral test.     Shared example of father and child weaving a story by making multiple Mad Lips together in iMovie.  Very clever.

ProCreate app (4.99)   There is a Snapguide example of how to use the Procreate app to create a painting with layers.

Lisa Carnazzo  website of Glogster water cycle =–  Made videos in an videolicious app  and imported into Glogster.

Engage Their Minds blog–NEISD teacher

Scrappad School (free) —  scrapbook created on the iPad  Can email it from the iPad as well.

Sock Puppets (free) — sharing Govt class who summarized a famous court case using sock puppets.  (reminds me of what Darren previously said about the power of storytelling)  Sock Puppet only exports to YouTube.

blogs/ is Yolanda’s blog.  TechChef4 is Lisa’s blog.

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