Library Design with learners in mind

This week, our library’s architect and I presented a case study at the CEFPI (Council of Educational Facility Planners International) Southern Conference in Austin.  It was fascinating presenting to such a different audience (mostly architects and facility directors) who are deeply trying to grapple with issues facing education.  I attended other sessions as well and listened as they struggled to make sense of the same issues we as educators debate–standardized test scores, the impact of technology, the value of a library, etc.

In our session, my focus was on helping create a better understanding of the role of librarians in a school and the role of the library as an entity, and helping the audience become aware of resources for better understanding as well as library design resources.  We also shared a study of how our particular project played out in “real life”.

Below are the slides from the presentation.  Unfortunately the video interviews that we did with our students cannot be shared here, but that added valuable information for us as we continue to evolve our library space.

12 thoughts on “Library Design with learners in mind

  1. I would have loved to hear and see this presentation live. It should be required viewing for all school architectures and committees designing new or remodeled facilities. Unfortunately too many still are using the 19th century model for planning.

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