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Heather Braum and Gary Price

Why Open Education Matters information and video

  • Wikipedia is an Open Education Resource (plus bibliography at the end of the articles.  
  • Project Gutenberg (for free online books)
  • Kansas portal 
  • Curriki
  • Khan Academy  (is it truly ‘open” educational or not?)
  • TED Education (turning TED talks into lessons for the classroom)
  • National Archives and Library of Congress teacher pages
  • Valenza wiki  

Full Courses

  • iTunes University
  • Coursera (MOOC)

How can you use OER in your school district?
–can be used for pathfinders for teachers
–for ibook creation by students
–for learning stations for students

Heather used Backdraft iPad live tweeting app during the presentation–very cool!

Gary Price
Check out Infodocket  @Infodocket for news/links delivered to you
Presentation link to wiki on OER

Another OER site is XPert out of Univ. of Nottingham–can search just by Creative Commons or other criteria; archives from UK

What can librarians build as Open Educational Resources?
Pathfinders, Lessons built on the open web creates content for others to use.  Librarians can be contributors to OER too by adding content to sites for others to share. (like other session mentioned created ebooks from archival content about your school or area).

Follow Gary’s link for all of the sites:

  • Cool Trafficfinder, Planefinder, Shipfinder sites can be used to teach students about geography, math, etc. w/intriguing data.
  • CSPAN video library has huge wealth of videos for free
  • Internet Archive–searches closed captioning of local news or national news.  (searching not the easiest on this site.)  Has archive of news clips
  • TuneIn website and app — music from around the world, can record off of the app
  • WeatherSpark — weather and data from around the web, OER–great for science, environment, geography

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