What is “news”? Strategies for teachers and parents

Our campus Educational Technologists (Lisa Johnson and Chris Hanson)  are conducting a series of webinars for our district parents.  Two weeks ago, I collaborated with them on a session on fake news/media bias and how libraries can help students.  This is geared towards parents, but much of the information would be useful background for teachers or librarians.  First, our edtech, Chris Hanson, shared some excellent information on new books about media bias, and in the second half, I share strategies for parents that would also be useful for teachers.

While classroom teachers and librarians can do a great deal to help students process the news and do research with a critical eye, we need help from our parent partners as well.

Chris starts off the webinar with general research about the topic, and then I join him for the second half.  Enjoy!  And check out their other webinars for more info on digital distractions, organization, and more.

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