As a new year begins

As the new school year begins, it’s an excellent time to consider how to integrate ongoing advocacy efforts into your library program. The point is to highlight what your library does and inform your larger community about your library and your program.   In a recent article I wrote for School Library Journal, “Everyday Advocacy“, there are many suggestions for ways to use online tools for advocacy purposes. But obviously it’s important to have something that you do for students that you are advocating for.  So […]

Rethinking library advocacy

With the cuts facing libraries around the country, how to improve our advocacy methods has been a paramount topic lately.   On Monday, I’m cohosting a webinar in the TL Virtual Cafe featuring Buffy Hamilton and Chris Harris on the crisis in staffing cuts many libraries around the country are facing and some proactive measures to take. At the Texas Library Conference this week, I was privileged to hear the Spokane Moms,(Lisa Layera Brunkan and Susan Lloyd McBurney), two of a dynamic group of moms who […]

Ideas for marketing your library or “The Library is up the street”

In her recent presentation Be Where Users Are: Online Marketing for Public Libraries the Librarian In Black, Sarah Houghton-Jan, explores some poweful marketing ideas for making your library (or your school for that matter) more visible and accessible to students and parents. We teach students about managing their digital profiles, but are we managing our own?  And are we making ourselves easy to find for both parents, students, and those wanting to connect with us globally?   Creating a more virtual library also means being easily […]