Why? One answer

When we wonder why our students should be connecting globally–I have an  answer right now- Haiti. Following the devastating earthquake, it has been social networking that has facilitated so much of the information and help that aid agencies needed to know to help survivors. Amazing stories abound, from the man who saved his life during the earthquake with an iPhone, to the amazing photographs tweeted out by @photomorel in the first hours after the quake, to the posts to Twitter by @RAMHaiti each day, to the […]

NetGen Teachers?

” . . . These employers know that for Net Geners, work should be fun.  Net Geners see no clear dividing line between the two . . . .”     Don Tapscott,  Grown Up Digital “Our research suggests that they expect to choose where and when they work; they use technology to escape traditional office space and hours; and they integrate their home and social lives with work life.  More than half of the Net Geners we surveyed online in North America say they want to […]