New ideas from Internet librarian workshop

We just finished the first workshop on blogs, wikis, RSS and podcasts.  I found out about a really cool website,  It lets you as a teacher or the librarian set up a “list” of recommended websites for a particular type of project.  Then you can put the link on your website so students use a selected group of sites for their research.   I haven’t had time to look at it yet, but it sounds really useful and easy!

I also saw a really neat example of using podcasting(which is really just a recording of a person talking) for booktalks that students can record and put up on website to share, or on the library’s website.    (They use Audacity software ( and Lame software for this.)  All you need is a microphone and the internet.

Another cool idea I heard would be great for independent study students, and that was having the student write their paper on a wiki site.  Then you as the teacher could have a password and get in and read their paper as they went, offer comments and advice, and help them revise it.   I hadn’t thought of using a wiki that way.

There’s a lot to absorb, but I’ll come back with a lot of great ideas for getting students interested via some of these projects.  The next presentation is on e-books and audiobooks.

2 thoughts on “New ideas from Internet librarian workshop

  1. I like the wiki concept. I wonder if any one would want to test it out to see it it works. I just read an article in Tech Learning magazine that gives a step-by-step way to create and publish a podcast. I am tired of talking about it and ready to do it.

    I also received 2 Ipods today from PTO. I have spent tonight downloading some Foreign Language podcasts to them. Next week, I will check them out to some of our FL teachers to see if they could use them. I don’t know the results and don’t have any ideas about what can happen with them. But I am ready to test them out. Will keep you updated, of course!

  2. One use I heard about at the conference was using it with Itunes books. The librarians downloaded a set of books onto the Ipod and then checked them out to reluctant readers.

    I am thinking about how to work on this with a couple of teachers I have in mind whose students would be receptive I think.

    They also had students record their book reviews as Podcasts. I have to look up their website so I can post it for you–I think it was Summit Middle School Library.

    I liked the idea of sharing podcasts that are accessible on the computer too, so teachers could assign them or bring a class into the lab.

    The presenters mentioned a site that collects Museum podcasts, and the ones they showed us had GREAT applications for the classroom.

    Sounds great! I’m eager to see what we can do with this!

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