The web 2.0 bandwagon

Looks like all the political candidates are getting on the web 2.0 bandwagon — now  Techcrunch is reporting that MySpace is going to hold its own election “primary” in January, prior to the real primaries.

TechCrunch points out:

MySpace has more registered members than Mexico has people. If it was a country it would be the 11th largestin the world. So while it may be a major marketing event for MySpace to say it’s holding a presidential primary next January, you can be sure the candidates will take it seriously.

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, or what impact it has on the campaigns.    And if politically correct candidates are using MySpace or Facebook, then I have to ask, should schools be using it?

teengroup.gif   I’ve been trying out which is a social networking site where you can set up your own network for just a small group, like a class or group of teachers.   There are already Classroom 2.0 and Library 2.0 groups there.   It’s interesting to think about how you could use this for a project with a class or an extracurricular club–our student council is trying it out for a project they are working on with some other campuses.

It’ll be interesting to watch as some of these social networks move more into the mainstream.  Any predictions as to who “MySpace” will elect?

One thought on “The web 2.0 bandwagon

  1. The thing I am most requested by teachers and committees at school these days is to add a picture directory for staff to see so they can learn more about each other. We are working on this but what if we went with NING? Every teacher could have a NING site where we could all link together. They can add their pictures there and share common links.

    Also, I am suggesting we find a different webmaster for next year. Someoene with great PR skills who can not only handle the redesign and input on the webpages; but also create better print PR for our campus. Its nearly a part-time job and really should go to someone who can spend more time on those tasks. I can handle the calendar and training on SchoolCenter; but the rest is just too much. Anyone interested in the job, let me know!

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