Farewell to one of my favorite blogs

To my surprise, one of my favorite bloggers, Christian Long, has decided to “close the book” on his blog think:lab, since he is going back to the classroom in the fall (which I admire).

His knowledge and enthusiasm has really informed my own thinking the last year or so, so if you haven’t read his blog, I’d highly recommend checking it out.  His energy is infectious and his ideas about schools, creativity, design, and innovation are  insightful.   Many of my own posts have come from ideas that he wrote about or linked to.

It’ll be interesting to see what his classroom becomes and to follow his journey on a new site.   

I was reading an article on someone’s blog yesterday(I can’t remember where? Assorted Stuff?) about the temporary nature of the web, because things aren’t archived.   I think there are so many valuable ideas on Christian’s blog, that it would be a shame for educators not to have access to them.  

How can we preserve the collective writings from a blog?  It’d be great if blog sites developed some software that allowed you to “publish” your work to a site like Lulu or to Google Docs, so that it could be “preserved” as a collection of essays, so to speak.   I know some of the posts are transitory, but as someone’s blog develops over time, it becomes a chronicle of a thinking and learning process that’s a valuable contribution to the education conversation. 

Christian, all the best, and keep us posted on your journey!  And if you haven’t read think: lab, check it out!

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