Speaking of student voices. . .

edutopiajuly07.jpg  Speaking of student voices, a couple of months ago, I had posted a request from Edutopia on our student blog, asking students what technologies they use at home that they wish they used at school.

We had several responses on the blog, which I sent to Edutopia, and to my delight today, I stumbled over the resulting Sky’s the Limit article  at Edutopia’s site, where several of our students’ ideas were included, and one of our students, Christina, was quoted!   I’m very excited for them!   (Though I am puzzled why the quote wasn’t credited?)  The article also appears in the print edition, by the way.

Thanks to Edutopia for including our students’ voices, and to Will Richardson, for sending an email about it in the first place!  

(And I’m hoping that more of our parents, students, and teachers will apply for their free subscriptions to Edutopia, since both the site and the magazine do an excellent job of bringing in many facets of the educational conversation.)

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