Joining the conference from afar

Want to get some summer inservice without dealing with airports, rain and flight delays?

If anyone is eager to hear some fascinating speakers like Tim Tyson, Marc Prensky, Alan November, Chris Lehmann or Christian Long,  and is interested in using Skype, David Jakes is planning to skypecast some of the sessions from the Building Learning Communities conference this week.

He’s posted a list of sessions starting on Wednesday.  (If you haven’t used Skype, you can download it for free, and it has a chat feature as well as phone feature–the chat feature is what he’ll be using to record conversations during the sessions, so you can follow along from afar.)

Vinnie Vrotny is liveblogging another conference–the Laptop Institute conference, and is skyping as well.

As David Warlick points out, the ability of these tools to extend the conversation and learning to a year round process is profound, (as well as a little overwhelming!)

3 thoughts on “Joining the conference from afar

  1. I’ve already chatted with David Jakes this a.m. I am so there at BLC Wed & hopefully Thursday compliments of David. I’ve NEVER done this before, but I sure am going to try.

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