What is cool this week at K12 Online Conference?

The coolest new tool I’ve learned so far from the K12 Online conference is Gabcast, which Liz Kolb highlighted during her presentation on Cellphones as Classroom Learning Tools.

Gabcast allows you to record a podcast directly from your cell phone, by calling a 1-800 number (once you have set up an account)!   Talk about convenient!  

I haven’t had time to finish watching Liz’s presentation, but it has many practical sites and tips.  Ironically, last week our faculty watched “Pay Attention” which includes a segment challenging educators to try innovative ways to use cell phones in the classroom.   During workshops we had yesterday on campus, several teachers were able to view Liz’s presentation, so that was timely for us!

Other K12 Online presentations I can’t wait to view–Jeff Utecht’s, which was posted yesterday, on Sustained Blogging in the classroom, and one I’ve been eagerly awaiting, Dean Shareski’s Design Matters, which goes live today.   In fact, though I’ve only had time to dip into a few of the presentations so far, I know they’ll be there when I have time!

If you’re new to the conference, there’s also a live chat in Elluminate tomorrow (morning at 8 a.m.–early here) if you want to try a new tool and meet some other conference attendees.   

And if you haven’t had time to watch Clarence Fisher’s Classroom 2.0, I thought it was an excellent introduction!   See you there!

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