A must-read

In this “must read” post, Joyce Valenza challenges librarians to climb on the front of the wagon-train and be leaders of this new educational expedition.  But I believe her challenge applies to all educators as well.

Thanks to SC Morgan from Twitter for the tip!

(The only comment I’m not sure I agree with is that the outside world isn’t reading our blogs, because I do think they are!)

But I think that clearly, change is something we must embrace, support, and investigate.  Maybe we can’t keep up with everything–but we can try, each in our own way, to be open to what’s coming down the road, and when we find something new that seems worthwhile, say “Yes, let’s see what that can do for us!”

I’m heading to the Internet Librarian conference this weekend, which for me is always a mind-bending experience– to see so many librarians embracing the technology in their workplace, stretching it, testing it, and finding new ways that it can support our program is really invigorating.

I’ll be sharing what I see “coming down the pike” from the conference.  See you there!

p.s. The link is fixed now!

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