7 thoughts on “For simplicity’s sake

  1. Great job. I also wanted to thank you for your earlier post about presentations and how to improve them. I spent 3 hours wandering through all the links today and learned a lot. Very good job.


  2. Thank you for making this so powerful! Good for teachers to experience the power of good presentations. Can inspire us to follow suit!

  3. Thanks, Carolyn! Think I’ll share this with my Current Events class. The students are insisting on doing a PowerPoint project, and I’ve already told them: very limited text, NO effects. We’ll see what they can come up with.

  4. Good on you Carolyn – great posts. I’m in love with Garr Reynold’s ideas (not the man himself, although he does cut a fine figure!!). He’s really made me think about how I can improve my PowerPoints. Have you seen SlideRocket – can’t wait until this is released to have a go at some of the effects it can create. http://www.sliderocket.com/

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