Not just about the device — Libraries and cultural change in 1:1 environments

We all know that implementing technology isn’t really about the device, but about the cultural and instructional changes that we need to address in order to change and grow.  Being a 1:1 librarian is far more than about being aware of apps — and far more than just understanding how a device works.  It’s being able to analyze the culture around you, assessing the abilities you need to develop, and being open to a constant climate of change and growth.

We need to be prepared to meet those changes and be observant about our evolving roles as library information specialists.   In this TCEA presentation below, I tried to reflect about the areas that particularly impact the library:  supporting a culture of creativity,  analyzing what access means, finding the opportunities in the changing teacher-leader roles of librarians, and sharing how our knowledge of systems can be helpful to the implementation process.

There are many ways we embed ourselves in the growth of our campuses — from furthering our own knowledge, to leading teacher staff development, to helping lead systemic changes in the library itself and in the school’s culture.    We have to lead a culture of Yes, AND, instead of “no, but..” when we are faced with challenges.

How can librarian information specialists lead?  In my TCEA presentation, I tried to provide some food for thought.   How do you see our roles changing?

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