One delightful tool we forgot to mention

I see edublogs has started working (now that I am finally home).   I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is fixed. I sat in on a good session with the Women of Web 2.0 today, and we were talking about handy web 2.0 tools.  But the one we forgot to mention and that hasn’t had much talk about it at the conference was the one I most appreciated tonight on my flight back to Austin– my iPod. After taking a bus, subway, having my flight cancelled, […]

How will this change education?

  iTunes U — university content offered via iTunes.   It’s not just audio podcasts but video as well. ( Thanks to Patrick Higgins at  Chalkdust for passing this along. ) So, what changes when academic courses become this accessible to everyone who is interested? 

IPods and ITunes: Productive or destructive?

  Earlier this week Joel (our tech coordinator) and I did one of our weekly “Project Technology” workshops for staff on using iTunes and iPods in the classroom. Through the generosity of our PTO, we’ve bought six nanos to bring iPod technology into the school for staff and students to use.   The workshop went really well, and one of the best things about it was sharing with teachers how iTunes could be used in the classroom to share free podcasts and video podcasts with students, since all of our […]

Ipods in the classroom

  We’ve requested six iPods from our PTO for use in the classroom, for checking out audiobooks to students, and for podcasting use, and they’re arriving next week. Want some ideas how to use them in the classroom?  Check out this incredible presentation by Gloria Woods from the Bolles School at NECC last summer and at FETC for a creative wealth of ideas for using iPods across the curriculum! (A few of the slides wouldn’t play for me, but the presentation is chock full of ideas!) photo credit: