How easy is it to connect? A simple recipe

Take one part having a few Twitter contacts. Add one enthused teacher who wants to try out Skype. Dial up a few friends on Skype randomly(who you met via Twitter). Hope someone is nice enough to turn on their webcam to demonstrate (thanks Karl) and off we go. Now we have a teacher in Texas who might have made a contact with an ASL teacher in Colorado, and all it took was a little “six degrees of separation”. When anyone wonders about the power of […]

Creating an ensemble

One of the things that I can tell is going to be interesting about our professional learning community we have formed at my campus is the diversity of teachers involved.  We have members from departments all over campus, from English to science to special education to band.   And it’s fascinating hearing their perspectives on teaching and learning and what it looks like to them.    It also strikes me that one thing that happens in schools is that we tend to talk to the people we […]