Edublog Awards addendum

As many of you know from participating, the Global Education conference online was an amazing undertaking by the intrepid Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon.  After participating in some excellent sessions at the conference, I feel compelled to honor them in the Edublogs awards because their work was an amazing example of the ability to harness the power of  a learning network.

They  both used their PLN’s to gather presenters for the global, week long online conference, to plan it, and to spread the word about the conference before, during and after it.  And by drawing on their networks, they pulled together a rich learning resource for educators all over the globe.

So to honor their efforts, I’d like to add this nomination to my Edublog Awards:

For Best Use of a PLN– Steve Hargadon and Lucy Gray for the Global Education Conference 2010.

Thanks, Steve and Lucy for such an impressive undertaking!  And if you haven’t had a chance to check out the conference, all of the sessions are archived online for your listening and learning.

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