Flashing back–web tools for administrators

Kim Cofino twittered a link for her excellent presentations for the TeachIt! conference this morning, which reminded me that I hadn’t ever shared my presentation from the Internet Librarian session I did on Web 2.0 tools that librarians could share with their administrators. So in the interest of sharing resources, here are my slides: [slideshare id=144623&doc=il2007-1193251903222853-4&w=425] Several administrators, including one of our own, as well as Patrick Higgins and Dennis Richards, sent greetings for the participants in VoiceThread to open the session. Other things I shared which aren’t in the slides– The Podcasting […]

Workshop snapshots

A snapshot from the two workshops I taught yesterday– We spent the morning talking about wikis.  We discussed how the ability to collaboratively write, arrange the page, and edit gives students more of a voice.  Another subject that came up was the idea of how the collaborative writing gives students an opportunity to practice their negotiating skills as they come to agreement on content on a project. One advantage we saw with wikis is that because they are available 24/7, it eliminates some of the problems with […]

IPods and ITunes: Productive or destructive?

  Earlier this week Joel (our tech coordinator) and I did one of our weekly “Project Technology” workshops for staff on using iTunes and iPods in the classroom. Through the generosity of our PTO, we’ve bought six nanos to bring iPod technology into the school for staff and students to use.   The workshop went really well, and one of the best things about it was sharing with teachers how iTunes could be used in the classroom to share free podcasts and video podcasts with students, since all of our […]